Dell Ugo Mater Miracles

This was a particularly fun day as we have had a great relationship over the years with Dell Ugo, performing there for Greg Cooley and his wine lunches.

The great thing about Dell Ugo is that it is such a large restaurant so Greg and Kelli always have the last of their wine lunch series at Dell Ugo. So it is always a great crowd. We see so many familiar faces each time we perform there. And for some reason, every time we sing there, someone pinches my (Craig) butt! 

Is it some sort of running joke I'm not in on? I never thought I had a set of gluts that were really that impressive that someone would want to grab them… It's happened the last 3 times!

Anyway, back to the events of the day….

You know you are in for a good afternoon when you haven't even sung a note and Michael, the owner, comes up to you and says "one of the guests said he will donate $1000 if you sing Nessun Dorma".

Um…. "Ok!"

And that was just the START of the day!

We did our usual sets and the audience loved it.

The auction was the most amusing part. It was funny to watch the mexican stand offs between the last 2 bidders each time. Most of the time they knew each other and no one wants to back down then! No one!

But all in all it was for a good cause, the Mater Little Miracles. All up the raised $21280 and I believe over the 10 years that they have done this they have raised over $250,000.

Very Impressive.


The food was amazing as it always is.

Dell Ugo are closing their doors at the end of 2014 :-(

So if you have never been there, get down to south bank to have some of their amazing food because they are one of the best restaurants in Brisbane. Period.